Sandcastle Organic

396 South Tce, South Fremantle
Ph: (08) 9335 2445



Go right down to the south end of South Terrace in South Fremantle, near South Beach, and you discover a truly unique experience awaiting you at The Sandcastle - the only licensed organic restaurant in Western Australia. If you love great food that's also good for you, this is definitely a place worth trying. On Wednesday nights from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm they feature a great little jazz band called "Kick", and a tapas menu (available all week), which changes daily. Combine bright red comfy couches and flickering candle-light, cool grooves from the jazz band, and you can just feel the day's stress ebbing away - the ambience is fabulous.

The normal menu (still available on Wednesdays if you just want a meal and don't feel like sharing lots of little dishes) offers delicious main courses such as "super premium organic beef fillet, crushed roasted potatoes flecked with crispy bacon, home made macadamia fudge and 'by the book' demi glace jus" or "premium dumbleyung saltwater rainbow trout, crisp skin with seasoned rice and fresh salads, house preserved lemon", and the vegetarian options look fantastic as well.

Since we were there on a Wednesday and it was music & tapas night, we decided to try every dish on the tapas menu. A glass of Leda Swan "Grape Picker's Reserve" Chenin Blanc got us in the mood. We started with the very flavoursome black cumin shishkebab, served with a piquant sauce of nigella and tahini, then went on to the buttered Cajun okra - which I'd never tried before - very tasty. The next dish was squid and shredded veg in nori - fishy delishy, and the nori was surprisingly tender.

Proprietor Lachy McKenzie suggested the Martin's Hill Cabernet Sauvignon - an organic, preservative-free wine - to accompany the next few dishes. It was a very good companion to the home-made dolmades (made with millet instead of rice - a novel touch), the seafood chowder - fantastic, and the guacamole and blue corn chips - really fresh and tasty with flavours of garlic, chilli, onion, coriander and mint.

At this point our glasses and cutlery were replaced with clean ones - a sign of good service all too often absent in the restaurant industry. The next dish was the only one I wasn't really that keen on - house cured roo loin, melba toast and aioli - one for the adventurous. I did try a little taste, but I'm not a fan of kangaroo myself.

Then came the Queensland salt water croc tail ceviche with preserved lemon. For me, this was definitely the stand out dish of the night - tender and tasty strips of crocodile tail, marinated in lemon juice, and served with slivers of garlic toast - and the house preserved lemon on the side was just sensational.

New Zealand mussels and white chocolate sauce - so you think you've seen everything? This was a really unusual and creative dish. I'm not mad about mussels, but I enjoyed this. It was incredible how well the sauce went with the mussels - just goes to show what you can achieve by thinking outside the square! The Amazonian açai prawns were good too. Açai is an Amazonian blue berry with an aroma of coffee, and is one of the highest sources of antioxidants. We finished off with a cheese and fruit platter - two varieties of cheese, slices of fresh organic apple and fig preserve.

Chef Nimrod Kazoom is from Israel, and brings with him not only middle Eastern, but also Spanish and Mexican influences, as evidenced by the tapas. I love The Sandcastle's tapas - you can stuff yourself with lots of delightful dishes and still feel virtuous knowing that you are doing good things for your body by consuming organically grown, preservative free, nutritionally "dense", and totally delicious, food.

By Georgina Goss